9/19/2014 (9:12pm)

Sharing flats (1)

"These things take time"
on the iPad,
i’m lying down, smoking,
revoking the feeling of not being much
Or being just sufficient
when she enters the room, enquiring
about last night and my running away,
the walk of shame from her boyfriend’s,
(even though she doesn’t know it was her boyfriend).
The walk of shame from my room to hers, explaining,
somehow, that I need to leave for home
a couple of weeks
while I look for another flat, with another people
who don’t have boyfriends to fuck.


9/19/2014 (9:05pm)

Molly (ctd)

His flesh is inside mine
He helped himself to my lack of sense
Some years ago, a memory declined
Smothered now in glasses of wine;
Nostalgia inside a white picket fence.
His hands on my body; reminiscence.


9/19/2014 (8:26pm) 1 note

Molly (in process)

Powered by dreams
of wet muslin, soaked
by the sea lies a woman,
whose language is a mistery
to everybody else.


5/4/2014 (6:17pm) 2 notes

Vibrant Posy

She walked down the corridor, harmless

with her weapons drawn.

The end of a lifetime argument, wrapped up in a sheet,
the last one he would mark with the butt of a cigarette,
as white as her sweet scarred skin.

It felt like a vivid dream, a prophecy; the day he would walk away

from her, from him, from them all

without a smile, yellow in anticipation, weightless,
ready to embrace the nothingness his life had become.

She looked into the box, touched his cold forehead,

held his firm hand made of bones; his grey knuckles stripped of strength.

Vibrant flowers had sucked all his colour in, like residual water.

A dead silence filled the sour air, tainted with the smell of his last whiskey.

He was nothing more than matter.


4/27/2014 (4:08pm) 2 notes

Sunday afternoon

I can’t. I won’t.

It is curious to see how things have ended up like,

her hands on your face


I pace down the corridor,


your voice cut with her sounds

like a wounded animal hidden under a tree

of cheap cotton leaves from the supermarket.

I can’t and I won’t ever forget that I

was once herself.


4/26/2014 (6:06pm) 2 notes

My first time in Berlin

The first time I went to Berlin, I decided to pack a small suitcase and go to visit one of my friends in Berlin. She was doing her Erasmus year and I felt especially adventurous, so I quickly bought a ticket for the next weekend.

M. picked me up in Berlin’s airport and we took the train to her flat. She lived near Charlottenstraße and I fell in love with the area and her apartment. It was the charmest place I have ever been to! Big windows, high ceilings, pastel walls that made you feel snug, covered in bright fairy lights. Me, being a literature geek, felt as if I had travelled through time and I was now part of a Dadaist poem, enchanted by the old charm of German buildings. We drank wine and toasted for the Berlinese night and the possibilities that it was about to offer.

We decided to stay that night around the area, so we walked under the amber streetlights while talking about adventures and love affairs. It was a pleasant, cool, May night; perfect to drink beer as we paced along. We kept walking and chatting until we passed a pub with a (very) handsome boy smoking at the door. Being as I am (weak to the charms of beautiful men), insisted in entering the place to have a drink.

While M. bought us what she considered to be “a real beer”, the guy from the door entered smiling. He stood in one of the corners, next to his friends. The bar was half-empty but we decided to stay because we loved the music. Marta sat down with her beer while her roommate, L. and I went to the dancefloor. We danced to the The Libertines like crazy and drank quickly the best and coolest beer we could afford. Once we were finished, the waiter came to our seats and brought us “some beers from those boys and these pretzels from myself”. Pretzels. Huge, enormous, chewy and delicious pretzels. Feeling happy (probably because of the beer) and against my friends’ advice, I walked to the boys’ corner and asked who bought us the beers. The handsome boy from outside looked at me and said to me that he wanted to “charm The Girl with the Yellow Boots”. Yes, that was me.

Needless to say, nothing more than a couple of dances and a friendly “add me to Facebook” happened but, since then, everytime I think of Berlin, I remember how, as we were leaving the bar, the sun was starting to appear and we laughed, eating our pretzels and walking towards the sunrise.

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4/14/2014 (10:53pm) 1 note

When I find old poetry and I remember why I keep writing…


And when we make love I still feel

the reason why the tide fought against his chest,

the moment when he moaned out loud

that the sea was his.


10/25/2013 (6:26pm) 1 note

I wish I’d sail the darkest seas

We are junkies, and they cannot give us anything strong enough to make us change our minds. We are the ones that dwell in an ocean of pills, smack, sniffs, drinks that became our safe happy place. Their aim is to find the reason why we have decided to swim with our eyes closed and our backs to the sea. But they would never let us get the answer because it’s just too simple: We are the problem.

So hail to the dealer, and hail to the broken dreams of building a house, planting a tree, writing a novel and being successful. We are here, in this particular moment, and the future is a rope that is never tightened. The present is us, and the black surrounding when we close our eyes and we fall in the arms of something that will kill us in the end. But doesn’t it feel great?

We decide whether to live or die, and our choice, once again, has already been made.


10/23/2013 (6:29pm) 1 note

Another party, 1.

'This is absurd', I swallowed the last crisps' crumbs.

She shaked her head, up and down,

without a smile

she said ‘I know

the pathway to Heaven is not in that book, you see’

Just empty words for the full-of minds in his living-room.

I grabbed my achy belly and drank, staring at his hands

while he fingered the guitar, teasing.


10/20/2013 (2:12pm) 1 note


You stooped and I conquered

The folds of my body, the beginnings

And ends,

The unmade tucks of my bed,

steam of my breath, mixed with

the sour smell in your mouth

as you invaded my snug position,

half-naked, intruding

upon my bodily warmth.

You dozed and I slept

Falling slowly into place,

Your arms, limbs without a purpose,

Enclosed me like a cocoon

That would never be finished.

We dreamt of separate places,

Of separate people;

We dreamt of a common moment,

of a here and now. For a second,

We dreamt of us.